...we shine on the inside and out

Spray- and Blasting Cubicle

We are the total solution provider for all your coating needs. Interior or exterior service treatments – Both are our speciality


Whether it is tanks, engine rooms or floor layer-ing, we can provide the know-how and manpower to meet tight deadlines, while delivering the quality you want to see.

Competitive, professional and reliable.
Refit or new build – we can deliver!

Corrosion protection expertise – Build on years of extensive experience and knowledge

Our workers receive regular training on the new-est application methods, equipment and system to use. Blasting and grinding of surfaces, application of primers and topcoats to all industry standards and specifications are an everyday task, meeting expectations every time.

We strive to satisfy all our clients‘ needs and requirements.


Filling, fairing and finishing. An element of new build or refit all owners and captains expect to be next to none. We pride ourselves in our fairing and finishing.

Our portfolio of super and mega yachts is impressive. Both - current an past.

A super yacht finish should be nothing less than perfect. We know how to achieve this.

With the industry standards getting higher and higher in the current climate, we strive to em-brace changes and to constantly improve our ap-plication methods, project management and doc-umentation. We bring this synergy over into our everyday practice.

We are improving constantly to bring you the finish you expect.


Why should General Coating be your coatings applicator?

We understand the pressure vessels come under when entering a refit period or the importance of meeting deadlines on a new build. We combine an experienced, determined and diligent project management team with a large, highly capable work force, bringing together the perfect team.
Founded in 2004, General Coating has worked on some of the most prestigious projects to date with some of the largest shipyards throughout Europe. We are well respected and have worked hard to build the reliable reputation we have today, working closely with our partners and contractors to make sure we deliver time and time again.

What stands us apart from the rest?

One project, one coating applicator — Exterior and Interior, we make sure we have teams dedicated to the respective areas of each vessel. Each team led by a trained, experienced an driven foreman.
We work with you, and listen. We respect your views and wishes, and will do all we can do to make sure you get the finish and quality you need.